Who We Are

From our staff to our clients, partners, subcontractors and our vast list of contacts, vendors, constructing a strong and resilient relationship is the key to our success.

Great values are what we are built on

We provide an opportunity for our staff and team members to have the confidence to express their expertise and values by applying them on site and in the office.

“We built beautifully with the best possible materials and resources”


Everybody throughout the world is entitled to be safe while at work, play, or home. As a company that promotes safety over all else, UltraCon is committed to developing a strong safety culture by protecting and maintaining the well-being of our clients, staff, and partners. Therefore, we understand safety and ensure our staff, clients, and subcontractors do as well.


We work with the best subcontractors, vendors, and partners and have built a loop system to work alongside each other and complete jobs prior to extreme deadlines. Whether it's ordering material or scheduling a subcontract, we have developed and trained our staff to ensure everything runs smoothly from the day of initial inspection to the final walkthrough and sign-off, which makes us fast, fluid, and flexible. We provide peace of mind to our clients by rectifying any outcomes for a period of time.